About Us

IMG_1782The Computer Forensics team is headed by president and founder, Roy Miller. In 1985 Roy Miller started his investigative career as Special Agent for the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and has conducted numerous computer evaluations for criminal and civil cases. This includes both for prosecution/plaintiff and the Defendant/Respondent. While a Special Agent with the AFOSI, Mr. Miller started practicing the specialized craft of Computer Forensics.

Mr. Miller has that unique blend of a seasoned investigator and accomplished software developer which gives him insights that only these two fields combined can produce. Over the years Mr. Miller provided services to attorneys, investigators and insurance companies dispensing no-nonsense opinions. Trial tested, which is one of the reason why Mr. Miller is highly sought after as a computer expert. His patented approach breaks down the complex process into laymen’s terms that make these technical issues easily understood.

Mr. Miller  has an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and post-graduate degrees in Computer and Information Resources Management and Business Management . He has extensive experience and training in many areas of programming, software development and computer forensics. As a result of the latter he has been retained in numerous civil and criminal cases and has testified as an expert in many of those cases.